180 Healthcare is a health and wellness management company that provides the tools and resources for businesses to help their employees become and remain happy and healthy. There are several reasons that companies value our services, one being lower healthcare costs, better work performance increased attendance record and a happier all around workforce.


180 Healthcare works with a variety of local businesses, including but not limited too, Doctor Offices, Fitness Facilities, Dentists and much more. Therefore, we take these services and bundle them together in one neat package and offer them to businesses and individuals alike at a  low monthly discounted price. For example, we provide the following services throughout Southeast Missouri:

Doctors Offices (Unlimited Office Visits with $0 Co-Pay)
Telehealth (24/7 access to a Physician Where Ever You Are)
Fitness Facilities (24/7 Access)
Dental Offices (Discounted Services)
Chiropractic Offices (Discounted Services)
Eye Care Facilities (Discounted Facilities)
Laboratory Services (Discounted Services)
And much more is being added every week!

By becoming a 180 Healthcare member, you will have access to all these services and as we add more your cost does not go up! We even offer a robust comprehensive package so you don’t have to worry about hospitals and specialist bills.

If you would like to see what our Comprehensive Plan offers simply follow this link.