Experience the Power of Subscription-Based Healthcare

180 Healthcare is a health and wellness benefits company that provides the tools and resources for businesses to help their employees become and remain happy and healthy.

Healthcare Management

180 Healthcare is a health and wellness management company that provides the tools and resources for businesses to help their employees become and remain happy and healthy. There are several reasons that companies value our services, one being lower healthcare costs, better work performance, increased attendance record and a happier all around workforce.

How it Works

180 Healthcare works with a variety of local businesses, including but not limited to, Doctors’ Offices, Fitness Facilities, Dentists and much more. Like some other health insurance alternatives, we take these services and bundle them together in one neat package and offer them to businesses and individuals alike at a low monthly discounted price.

For example, we provide the following services throughout Southeast Missouri:

Doctors’ Offices

180 Healthcare has partnered with some of the area’s best doctors’ offices and clinics to offer unlimited office visits with $0 co-pay. Explore our Find a Clinic page to find an office near you.

Fitness Facilities

Why pay extra for gym memberships? With most 180 Healthcare plans, you have 24/7 access to everything you need and more at 180 Fitness or our various partner facilities in the surrounding areas.


Our partnership with 1.800MD provides our members with 24/7 access to a national network of board-certified, licensed Internal Medicine and Emergency Room physicians. These doctors can diagnose illnesses, recommend treatment and prescribe medications for our members over the telephone or through secure, bi-directional video and email.

Need Additional Options?

We offer a robust comprehensive package so you don’t have to worry about hospitals and specialist bills.

Dental Offices

From routine cleanings to in-depth dental work, 180 Healthcare’s affiliates have what you need. Visit our Other Discounts page to explore how much you could save on exams, x-rays, and more. Up to 25% off all services!

Chiropractic Offices

For those times when you’re experiencing back or neck pain, tingling or numbness, poor sleep, recurring headaches, or pregnancy-related aches and pains, 180’s network of chiropractors are here for you.

Laboratory Services

No subscription-based healthcare plan would be complete without lab services. Our partners offer services such as Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis, Cultures, and more.

Eye and Ear Care Facilities

With 180 Healthcare, you can save on eye exams, contact exams and contacts, and medical procedures. You can also receive free hearing exams!

And Much More!

In addition to all of these great services, you also have access to discounted physical therapy, prescription, and imaging services, as well as medical equipment and more. 

If that weren’t enough, we’ve also partnered with local businesses, restaurants, retailers, salons, and various professional service providers to save you even more money. Visit our Other Discounts page to see how much you could save with a 180 Healthcare membership.

Additional Services. No Additional Cost. By becoming a 180 Healthcare member, you will have access to all these services and as we add more your cost does not go up!