We are a concierge healthcare management company specializing in total health and fitness for our members through primary care, telehealth medicine, and fitness. Our team of professionals has created a way for individuals who cannot afford to carry health insurance or those who have health insurance but with very high deductibles to meet, to manage their health and at the same time reduce their healthcare expenses.

Our team of professionals focuses on the overall health of our members. We believe that primary care should be personal and affordable, thus we put together a health & wellness plan that can fit the needs of all members at a reasonable and affordable price.

Our members benefit in a variety of ways, including full access to our providers, meaning you will have 24/7 access, no co-pays, and no limit on your visits. Included in our monthly membership fee is general adult physicals, women’s healthcare, pediatric care, and chronic disease management, minor procedures, coordination of care with specialists when needed, and wellness education that includes regular monthly health and wellness classes conducted by medical providers, certified dietitians and certified instructors in the field of First Aid, CPR, & AED.

We believe that a major contribution to a healthy body and lifestyle is a regular schedule of exercise, so we include in our monthly membership fee a 24/7 gym membership plan to a local 24/7 fitness gym located in your area or town. With this arrangement, most of our members will have access to a variety of fitness classes conducted by certified trainers. These classes, if available in your area or town, are included in your monthly fee.

For many of our members, you will also have access to certified personal trainers who are dedicated to helping you get in the best shape of your life.


Our members get more out of their healthcare.

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