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With an average of 15 years of internal medicine, family practice or pediatrics experience, you can rest assured each physician is properly licensed in your state, board-certified and verified by the National Physician Data Base and the American Medical Association.

Common conditions include sinus problems, respiratory infection, allergies, urinary tract infection, cold and flu symptoms and many other non-emergency illnesses.

1.800MD is designed to handle non-emergent medical problems. You should go to an emergency room if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

You can request a 1.800MD visit from anywhere in the U.S. and will speak with a doctor licensed in your home state. You must have a U.S. address and a U.S.-based phone number for the doctor to call back at the time of visit.

1.800MD provides fast, convenient care for minor medical matters from the flu to allergies to urinary tract infections. Whether you don’t have time to get to the doctor’s office, you feel too sick to get off your couch or it is a holiday weekend, you can get the relief and peace of mind you are looking for just by picking up your phone 24/7/365.

As a member, you have access to unlimited consultations from anywhere in the United States at any time as needed.

While a 1.800MD physician can prescribe appropriate medications to treat your condition such as antibiotics, antihistamines, and maintenance medicines, our physicians do not prescribe lifestyle drugs, medications regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency or those that pose a potential for abuse or addiction.

No, but if seeing a local doctor appeals to you more you can click here to choose a package that includes unlimited in person, local doctor visits for one low monthly fee.

Simply follow the link in your welcome message to set up your account. Fill out all information fully, create a user name and password and you will have access to Mealime Pro. Then simply download the app on your phone, tablet or other smart device and start menu planning!