10 Healthy Habits to Get Fit and Be Healthy


Trying to get to your ‘healthy place’ is different for everyone but the good news is that it is doable! Thousands of people every day decide today is the day to Get Fit & Be Healthy and you can to. Below are 10 simple tips to help get you there.

  1. Don’t follow fad diets
    1. Fad diets come and go, but tried and true methods always work better. Eat fewer calories than you burn – simple math!
  2. Track your food intake
    1. This is not something you have to do forever, but it can be very useful when you are starting. Simple apps like My Fitness Pal are a great free way to start.
  3. Start walking
    1. You don’t have to go to the gym every day and you don’t have to be a marathon runner – just get out every day and walk. It is relaxing and can help you drop some unwanted pounds.
  4. Talk to your doctor
    1. A very important step that a lot of people forget is talking to your doctor to find out if or how much exercise you can do to start off with
  5. Set up a plan by writing it down – and follow it
    1. When you write it down, it becomes real and easier to follow. You can become more accountable to yourself.
  6. Get support
    1. Talk to friends, family or co-workers about your plan and your journey. Support is everywhere if you only look for it.
  7. Write a menu
    1. Talk to a professional or use great apps like Mealime to help you plan your menu. Again, writing it down and having a plan makes it easier to follow.
  8. Don’t try to eat an elephant all at once!
    1. Deciding to make this change is HUGE! Don’t try to become your best you tomorrow, work at it and you will get there.
  9. Water, water and more water
    1. Water is vital to life, but it is vital to getting healthy as well. Water helps to reduce hunger, lubricate your joints and keep your body digesting properly. The more you drink the better you can be!
  10. Don’t try to diet, try to enhance your life
    1. If you think of this as a diet, you will eventually come off of it. Think of it as a life enhancement – this way you can plan on doing it forever. And when you hit your target weight, fitness level, etc. you can then move into maintaining that level instead of going backward and repeating the cycle again and again.

Getting Fit & Healthy is not easy or everyone would be there, but for those that are fit and healthy, they would not change it for anything. Try to get through the excuses that are holding you back and be selfish for you – become the best you one step at a time. We know you can do it and if you ever need any support we would love to help you get there. Simply follow this link.

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